We get our buyers the best deals possible using our considerable experience in both residential & investment real estate. One major advantage of working with us is that you get three brokers, working on your behalf. In today’s highly competitive market that is important because when that perfect property becomes available one of us will get you in to see it immediately – in time to make an offer on it before it is sold. Also, our reputation among the other brokers is important. In multiple offer situations, the relationship and reputations of the brokers involved often determines who wins.


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Our Focus: To ensure you get the best deal possible, to protect your interests and guide you through the process


We would love to help you find the perfect property, whether you are shopping for your own home or for an investment property. We are happy to help with:

     • Conventional Residential Purchases – resale or new construction

     • Short Sale Purchases

     • Bankruptcy Short Sale Purchases

     • Bank Owned (REO) Property Purchases

     • Property Auction Purchases


We have a great deal of experience buying and rehabbing properties ourselves, as well as years of experience helping clients find the perfect property. Whether you are buying a home to for your family to build memories in, or shopping for an investment opportunity, we can help you find the right property. The first step is for us to thoroughly understand what you want and need.


Often this is a process that requires that we go and explore some properties together. As you provide feedback to us, we develop a deep understanding of what you need as well as what you like and don’t like. Also, we aren’t afraid of different types of sales. We’ll show you everything on the market from conventional sales, to short sales of all types, and even “for sale by owner” properties, if the one you want is available. We will even contact owners of properties you are interested in, on your behalf, if that is what is needed. Once we find the right property, we will negotiate on your behalf and get you the best deal possible.


To get started, call or text us at 425.351.3377.


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